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Hotel Xenion We would like to welcome you to our Hotel and we wish you a pleasant stay. "Xenion" Hotel is built in such a way so as to satisfy your needs and promises you a relaxing time. Therefore, we offer you all that is best. We want you to enjoy yourselves. You can get here a good night sleep and wake up in the morning feeling as fit as ever! Our cuisine will live up to your expectations with delicious traditional dishes and our comfortable rooms are ideal for you and your company.

Furthermore, there is a swimming pool. During your stay, you will get the chance to learn more about the surroundings and the sights of our region. Everything here is unique and as far as food is concerned there is a wide variety. We guarantee a pleasant stay and we hope to see you soon!

Greek Tastes Tastes

Every day we offer genuine, authentic flavors from Epirus, starting with a hearty breakfast...

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