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Activities in Tzoumerka

Activities in Tzoumerka The alternative activities you can do in Tzoumerka are many and exciting. In the region there many operating companies, which offer the opportunity to have a unique experience.

You can do your activities' booking in cooperation with the head of each hotel or hostel you will find on this site.

The activities you can choose are:


Rafting Τζουμέρκα

1 In Arahthos ravine, from Tsimpovo up to the Skoupa. A downhill 4th degree of difficulty, where we find spectacular waterfalls and underground river Klifkis. 2 In Arahthos Gorge, an easy path that starts from Ambelochori and ends at the bridge of Plaka, crossing the most beautiful part of the river. 3 In the Kato Arachthos, from Plaka to Skoupa. An easy route and quite impressive. 4 In the Ano Arachthos, from Krapsis Bridge to Tsimpovo Bridge. 5 In Arahthos ravive, from Tsimpovo Bridge to Plaka Bridge. 6 In the Arahthos Gorge, from Politsa Bridge to Plaka Bridge.


Πεζοπορία Τζουμέρκα

1 From Kalarrytes to Syrako, a path that connects the two villages, crossing a ravine full of wild beauty of waterfalls. 2 The Stamatis Ladder, from Katarraktis to Agnanta. It is a challenging route to traverse the bulk of Tzoumerka moving into rugged areas. This route is implemented only in the summer months and is only for experienced hikers. 3 From the monastery of Tsouka to Lysia. 4 From Katarraktis to Katafidi.

Mountain Biking


1 From Tzoumerka, starting from Lazena up to the hill Faneromeni. 2 From the Plaka Bridge to the Mega Ampelia. 3 From the Plaka Bridge round of Tzoumerka.

4 x 4

4 x 4 Τζουμέρκα

Crossing Peristeri - Tzoumerka with 4x4. A path that moves at high altitude and it can be done in summer or autumn.


Παραπέντε Τζουμέρκα

Rappel - Aviation Transition - Archery - Paintball

Τοξοβολία Τζουμέρκα

To Plaka Bridge and for Reppel to Platanousa and to Kipina Monastery.

Experiential Environmental Education

Περιβαλλοντική Τζουμέρκα

1 To the traditional ways of fishing 2 In beekeeping 3 To the way of watermills operation and the kneading bread